Question: How can I make Bundt Cake come out of the mold in one piece?

October 28, 2010
I made a Bundt Cake a couple days ago, and after I let it cool completely, I loosened it from the silicone mold. When it came out, everything but the top of the cake was perfect (the curved top part). It was all crumbly at the top, and firm everywhere else. How did that happen?


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I'm thinking the moisture created in the top of the silicone mold as it cooled created the 'crumbly' top. Next time try carefully unmolding it 10 minutes or so after it comes out of the oven and let it cool on a rack. OR Did you cool it cake bottom down or cake bottom up? If you cooled it cake bottom up try cooling it cake bottom down next time so any moisture created in the top of the pan will be drawn back into the cake. You have all kinds of fun. I enjoy the challenge of your questions!!

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It sounds like the top overcooked. Next time I would consider reducing the time and checking the cake to see if it's cooking faster or reducing the heat a few degrees.
I've has more unsuccessful baking in silicone than not. I'm sticking to my tried and true pans.

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Use a metal bundt pan. Grease and fllour it before putting in the batter. Cool completely, Use a rubber spatula to loosen the side, turn it over onto a plate and tap the top with a big spoon.
If some sticks just take it out carefully and put it back on the cake.