Question: How Long To Store Pinenuts In The Freezer?

February 7, 2010
I bought a big bag of pinenuts (okay, I was feeling ambitious) and popped it in the freezer. Can I keep (and use) the nuts past the expiry date on the bag because they are frozen or should I toss them on the expiry date? Thks, Foodistas! Eliz



Helen Pitlick's picture

I've heard 2-3 months, up to 6 months; some people say one year. Just make sure you freeze them right: store them in a airtight container or heavy plastic wrap to avoid picking up the odors of other things in the freezer. And taste/smell before using!

Curt's picture

I have some in my freezer that I bought at Costco a couple years ago. I use them from time to time and are fine. They are wrapped tight in side a good freezer ziplock bag.

Sonia R. Martinez's picture

I too have some in my freezer that are a couple of years old - I bought them in bulk and use what I need, when I need and keep the rest stored. As long as they taste fresh (no freezer burn or rancid taste) they will be alright.

Chris Paulk's picture

Mine never last over 6 months- but as long as they taste okay, you should be fine. I store them in a ziploc bag- inside a ziploc bag.
As much as they cost anymore, don't waste even a single one.