Question: I Have A Foodista Contest "Vote For Me" Widget On My Web Site

January 8, 2010
Do I have to post a widget to every recipe that I enter in the contest. Is the Vote for me widget different then the Foodista widget?


Sheri Wetherell's picture

Hi Patricia! All our widgets are post-specific so it's best to embed a widget for every recipe you enter into the contest. That way, if people land on your recipe (say, as a result of doing a Google search) rather than the homepage of your blog they will see the widget. The more Vote for Me widgets the better! Good luck!

As for your second question, we have a contest-specific widget and widgets for all other Foodista pages (Recipes, Foods, Tools, Techniques). They all work the same, however, in that they are post-specific. If you are looking for a Foodista badge (to go on the sidebar of your blog and will direct to the Foodista homepage rather than a specific page) click here:

Good luck in the contest!