Question: can i eat canned foods without expiration date on it?

meyaw adjei
July 8, 2010
southern hens chunk chicken in water and artic star wild alaska pink salmon.


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yes or no?

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Canned chicken and salmon should be good for 2-3 years from the date of canning. If it's been in your pantry longer than that and you plan to eat it anyway, make sure the can does not look like it's distended, smell it and look it over before eating and if it looks & smells ok, put a small taste on your tongue to make sure there is no odd flavor.
I personally would not eat anything I am doubtful about.

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I would say yes. I agree with the earlier comment of common sense though. Don't eat anything (even with an acceptable date) that has been dented and the can or lid appears bloated - this is a good sign of botulism. Something you certainly don't want. You'll always get a good indication when you open anything. Sound, smell and general look of the food inside should all be appetizing.