Question: Will Cooked Rice Left Out Overnight Be Ok To Use?

February 22, 2010


Mimi Cooks's picture

I think this depends on the temperature of the place that it was left out overnight. if it was cool, like in the 50's or lower it should be safe. I would suggest that you smell it first before attempting to eat it, and if it smells funny, do not use it. if it does not have a smell or discoloration, heat it up to a hot cooking temperature before eating. good luck!

wolfbard's picture

I know this is a little late but in case someone else is looking up this topic...rice is probably one of the most dangerous foods to leave sit around. It has a high moisture content which is a breeding ground for bacteria. People don't realize the dangers because it isn't a protein but the fact is rice should be kept in the safe temperature zones at all times.