Question: chicken bouillon

September 11, 2010
what to do if chicken bouillon powder hardens


Curt's picture

Throw it away and never buy it again. Buy chicken base that comes as a paste in a jar or plastic tub. You want to buy one that 'chicken' is the first that is low sodium and one with NO msg. FYI - the rock hard bouillon cube will soften in warm water.

Chris Paulk's picture

You probably did not tighten the lid very well. You can microwave it for a second or two to soften it and add water. In most grocers -in the soup area, you can buy a small 4 pack of real chicken stock in what almost look like a juice carton. They are about 1 cup each. I keep a 4 pack around for small stuff.

Sheri Wetherell's picture

i keep a 6 per pack and store it in dark room temperature. Inside the cupboard. If it hardens, I throw it away and get buy a new one.