Question: In Every One's Opinion ,Do You Think It Should Be A Rule Of Thumb That All Recipe State That An Electric Oven Be Set At A Certain Temp,That Fan Forced Should Be Set 20 Degrees Lower,I Find That My Recipes Cook To Quickly,If I Don' Apply This Rule,Any Sugg

April 6, 2010


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Are you talking about a convection setting on your oven?
A convection oven uses a fan to circulate heat in an oven, causing your food to cook at a faster rate. It usually requires either a lower temperature or time modification to your recipes. You may want to check with the oven manufacturer or look online for a table or chart to convert this.
You can usually cook in your oven WITHOUT the convection setting, and you would use normal temperature settings and times.

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no Chris not a convection oven,its a Westinghouse,Freestyle brand,in the wall type but thanks anyway i always drop the temp but its annoying sometimes because you have to guess cooking times on most things.