Question: how do I make stromboli

October 21, 2010
I am having an event where I live and I love stromboli and I did make it once or twice but it didin't taste like the store bought,not that it tasted bad but I just want to know what will I need and how to make it thanks


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Make a pizza (or buy a Take-&-Bake one at Pappa Murphy's or someplace like that). After topping it the way you want it...carefully roll it up paying attention to the ingredients that they also roll up equally and not get all the meat in one place and the sauce in another. If you make a square pizza it will be more consistent in size. Bake it...let it cool a bit...cut it up and dig in.

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Make a rectangular shaped pizza (or buy a Take-and-Bake one at Papa Murphy's or someplace like that). Top it evenly across the pizza. Once you have it topped to your liking, carefully roll it up (the long way). While rolling it up make sure the toppings get rolled in consistently and the roll is fairly tight. Once rolled up seal up the ends by crimping the dough. Place it on a sheet pan or pizza stone in your pre-heated oven and bake until the insides are done (it will ooze out). Once done...let it cool for a few minutes then cut it up and consume. Careful you don't burn the roof of your mouth!!