Question: where can I buy Mexican Oregano plants of cuttings to grow in my garden?

July 31, 2010


Chris Paulk's picture

I found mine at my local plant nursery. I bought several varieties of oregano and thyme to give me a nice variety. They all have a slightly different flavor. Mexican Oregano is my favorite variety and if I buy it dried- it's always the one I gravitate to.

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I believe Mexican Oregano is also known as Marjoram and is milder than the regular Oregano. Any nursery should have it, or just buy some seeds and plant them.

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They had a number of Mexican Oregano plants in the nursery section at Home Depot. I was looking for greek oregano and they only had this variety which is why I noticed. I've been to more than one and both had it as recently as last weekend. Now if you know where to buy tarragon...