Question: Can Cooked Scrambled Eggs Be Frozen?

February 4, 2010



Seth Knight's picture

Freezing them will most likely turn them into rubber. I suppose the time it takes to thaw the eggs and cook new ones is about the same. I've done it with breakfast sandwiches (cheese, egg, some sort of meat), but this would fall under "prison food." Oooh! A new category for Foodista!

Curt's picture

Anything can be frozen. They won't turn into rubber, they will turn into mush. I have a different name for that kind of food as it would be called in a kitchen that a fellow cook came up with...but I can't use it in public.

Alyssa's picture

Thanks for the answers....I was trying to save time, and cleaning pans each time I cooked, but I guess I'll just have to cook them fresh!!!

Mimi Cooks's picture

Fresh is best!!

Chris Paulk's picture

I can't think of any reason you'd want to do this- the prep and clean up is minimal and fresh perfect scrambled eggs are a real treat. I sometimes freeze quiche which thaws well- but eggs are inexpensive & easy- so why not have them fresh? I make scrambled eggs every morning for my family. Start to finish -under 6 minutes- with the pan washed!