Question: What Year Was The Cinnamon Roll Invented?

December 30, 2009


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Bob Saget invented the cinnamon roll in 1970

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It was invented 23 september 2008 in sweden

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In Sweden, October 4 is Kanelbulle Dag or national “Cinnamon Roll Day.” This holiday was created by the country’s Hembakningsrådet or Home Baking Council in 1999 to commemorate their 40th anniversary. Although the cinnamon roll wasn’t created until the early 1920’s, the Kanelbulle was honored as being the most representative of Swedish baking. states that the first printed cinnamon roll recipe in the United States wasn't published until 1922, so if the Swedes really did invent the cinnamon roll, this would have been circa 1920 or 1921.