Question: Yellow summer sguash

August 16, 2010
Does anyone have any good recipes for Yellow summer squash? Is there a way to preserve this?


Chris Paulk's picture

It doesn't really preserve well- It gets too soft to freeze. You could try pickling it though.
We usually just brush it with olive oil, sprinkle a little garlic salt on it and grill it.
You can layer it with fresh tomatoes and a little garlic & cheese and bake it until the cheese is bubbly. You can also Julienne it with zucchini and carrots, really lightly saute it in a little olive oil an add just a pinch of nutmeg at the end.
It's great on a flat bread or pizza too.

Maureen Cavanaugh Berry's picture

I found a great squash pesto recipe on that called for zucchini, but you could sub yellow squash, I used both.

I normally saute yellw squash on medium-high heat it in olive oil then season with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

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Slice it very thin and if they are tiny you can serve them raw or drop them in a pan with hot olive oil for just a minute and serve with chicken or fish.

As far as preserving, you might be able to quick pickle the squash with a mixture of salt, vinegar, and sugar. Just chop it up into small pieces and, like cooked squash, you have a nice topping for poultry and/or fish.