Question: Can I Refreeze Chicken Broth and Matza Balls, If They Have Been Previously Frozen?

March 31, 2010
What is the rule on re-freezing a dish that was already frozen once?


Curt's picture

Anything will re-freeze. Nearly everything won't be quite as nice when thawed for the second time. So, it will depend upon what you are re-freezing in order to determine if it does well a second time. As a general rule soups, stocks and sauces do well. Meats depend upon how delicate they are. Fish don't do too well a second time, chicken is okay and beef & pork won't be quite as juicy. If you are picky you'll probably find fault. If you are thrifty and hungry probably not so much. Don't freeze things that are going bad. Freeze things when they are at their peak.

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Ditto with Curtis. Also- try freezing the Matzo Balls separate from the Chicken stock to avoid soggy sinkers!