Question: How Do You Make Home Made Ice Cream

March 15, 2010



Jenny Richards's picture

There are a number of different recipes that you can use for homemade ice cream - some with eggs and something without. The most basic homemade ice cream is one that begins with a cooked egg custard of cream, eggs, and sugar (plus a few other ingredients).

This recipe for Mexican Vanilla ice cream demonstrates the cooked custard method, and you could vary the flavorings easily with this (or just add fresh fruit when you pour the cooled custard into the ice cream machine).

Another method is to combine the ingredients without cooking the eggs, as shown in this vanilla ice cream recipe:> Remember, this recipe does have raw eggs in it, so you wouldn't want to give it to anyone who might have a compromised or weakened immune system (or small children).

There are a ton of different ways to make ice cream, but a good ice cream maker makes all the difference in the world. Get an electric one. Don't go with a hand crank machine unless you have an endless supply of small kids with lots of energy and the willingness to crank for a long time.

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You can make homemade ice cream as simply as adding milk or cream to juices and storing in the freezer in an ice tray or other shallow container or popsicle molds, or you can use an ice cream machine. There are many styles and models of ice cream machines from $35 on up to hundreds of dollars and from crank style to electric. There used to be one in the market that was fast and simple to use called the Dombier that didn't need electricity and although it was a crank type, you didn't need to crank it much. I'm not sure if they are still available. When I owned kitchen stores, they were quite popular...