Question: How to contribute recipes?

November 1, 2012
Hi I have not visited on here for sometime as I went back to Asia and was busy finishing an ecookbook called, Easy Asian Vegan which is now online at I would like to know what to do to have some of my recipes from thee book featured on Foodista? Thanks and looking forward to your reply. Below is something about my experience in cooking and about my book. Myrla Ocfemia has been cooking since she was eleven in the kitchen of her parents’ home in the Philippines. Then her interests in cooking and appreciation of good plant- based foods were later developed when she served as a vegetarian cook in several Hare Krishna yoga ashrams in the 1980s. This yoga group is one of the first groups to establish vegetarian restaurants in the U.S. in the early 1960’s. Her experience in Indian cooking was enhanced by her frequent visits to India. Cooking for her family for decades honed further her craft. This book is her attempt to make Asian cooking more accessible to vegans and to everyone who wants to eat more vegetable based dishes. She was at first a vegetarian and then a vegan for a total of almost 20 years. She considers herself a minimalist cook as she uses fewer main ingredients, although can be quite extravagant with the use of spices which, to her, gives the oomph in Asian Vegan preparations. Easy Asian Vegan is a collection of easy to make vegan dishes for everyday and any occasion. It is for vegans, vegetarians and everyone who wants to put cooking at the front rather than on the back burner of their daily lives. So this book is to help them try their hands at Asian cooking and achieve quality cooking results without too much fuss. I chose the recipes for this book for their ease of preparation, simple methodology, quick cooking, variety in taste and texture, and using ingredients which are widely available in the local supermarkets.


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There is a green colored tab named "Add a Recipe" in the top left section of this page. Go ahead.