Question: How Much Vitamin C Is In Baked Potato?

December 30, 2009


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The average 1/2 pound baked potato has 28.7 mg or 48% of your USDA recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. However, most of that is contained in the skin, so you need to eat it skin and all to get the full amount.

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You must really enjoy eating raw potatoes. I've done a vast search after seeing the Vitamin C content per serving on a bag of potatoes listed at 45% daily value. Although a medium-sized potato is listed at containing ~15-25mg of Vitamin C, preparation methods (e.g. boiling, baking) cause a large loss of nutritional content (one source: So, although a potato can be listed at 45% DV of Vitamin C, you deplete more of it than you save when you make the potato edible.

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agreed, if you want Vitamin C, eat some citrus fruit - you can taste the vitamin C in there

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