Question: Frozen Juice

April 1, 2010
How much fresh or canned juice does canned frozen juice make?


Jenny Richards's picture

Depends on the size of the canned juice and what kind of juice it is. If it's an 8oz can, you usually add 2 - 3 cans of water (16 - 24oz) to dilute the concentrate. Does that help?

Chris Paulk's picture

The frozen stuff is generally concentrated- does it call for water as well in the recipe? That is easy to convert. How much water/ liquid & how much pineapple juice does it call for?

Pat Otto's picture

This is a marinade for a pork roast, calling for a 6oz. can of frozen pineapple juice concentrate, 2-5oz. cans of drained pineapple chunks, soy sauce and garlic powder. No water.

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Hmm. Well if you can't find frozen pineapple concentrate, try pureeing some pineapple and straining it through a mesh sieve. It will be more concentrated than straight pineapple (less than pineapple concentrate) but will have less sugar. I made a pork roast last night in a similar marinade- but I pureed a fresh pineapple and slow cooked it for about 4 hours.

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As much as you want it to make.

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Thanks all