Technique: Foraging


Foraging is the act of gathering wild plants, mushrooms, berries or other edible roots, bark and leaves, by means of hiking in the mountains, searching in marshes, lakes and riverbeds or other outdoor settings where foraged edibles are found.


Other names: Gathering, Foraged
Translations: Barošanās, Maitinimasis, De căutare a hranei, Krmne, Żerowania, Forragem, Τροφής, مؤن, 먹이를 찾아 돌아다, Pást se, Трагање за храном, Paghahanap, 觅食, Farratge, Naprave za zelene površine, Pásť sa, Foraggiamento, שיחור מזון, Berkeliaran, 採餌, Butinage, Grünlandgeräte, Fouragering, Forrajeo, Juurikasvit, Търсене на храна

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