Technique: Sautéing


Sautéing is a traditional French cooking technique literally meaning "to jump" It is a quick cooking method using a saute pan. Generally it is a very versatile method to quickly cook vegetables, poultry, beef, fish, and many other foods. A small amount of fat is used in the pan which is set at a medium to medium-high heat. This method is not to be confused with Pan Frying which entails more fat and a longer cooking time usually. The food items being prepared by this method should be small to promote quick cooking: chopped vegetables or single servings of fish or chicken.


Other names: Sautéed, Sauté
Translations: ソテー, القلي, Sauter, Sautieren, Menumis, Sauteing, पकाने, Тушения, Saltat, Гасіння, 煸, Sautering, Sautering, Саутеинг, Salteado



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