Technique: Culturing


Culturing is a technique in which form of food is changed by adding and processing yeast. Culturing can also be achieved naturally by the addition of lactobacillus bacteria and the use of traditional culturing processes.

Food, such as vegetables is pounded to break some of the cell walls. Salt, spices and liquid whey are added to make the culture and the food is canned and allowed to sit at room temperature for 2-3 days until bubbles form. The food is then refrigerated. This was a traditional form of food preservation before refrigeration, and cans were stored in root cellars to keep cool. Kim Chi and Sauerkraut are two traditional cultured vegetable recipes.


Other names: Culture, Cultured
Translations: Kultivējot, Kultūros auginimo, Cultură, Uzgoj, Nuôi, Hodowli, Kweken, संवर्धन, Criação, Культивирование, Καλλιέργειας, زراعة, 재배, Kultivace, Budidaya, 培养, Cultiu, Kultiviranje, Kultivácia, Coltura, Odling, Узгој, 培養, La culture, Dyrkning, Dyrking, Cultivo, Культивування, Viljelemällä, Култивиране



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