Technique: Pear In A Bottle


The technique of securing glass bottles around pear buds so that the pears will grow inside the bottle. This technique is used when making pear brandy.


Translations: Bumbieru pudelē, Kriaušė in a Bottle, Pere In A Bottle, Kruška u boci, Pear Trong Chai A, Gruszka In A Bottle, एक बोतल में नाशपाती, Пэр-In A Bottle, Αχλάδι σε ένα μπουκάλι, الكمثرى في زجاجة, 배 병, Hruška In A Bottle, Pear Dalam Botol A, Peras Sa isang bote, 梨一个瓶子, Pera en una ampolla, V Pear Bottle, Hruška In A Bottle, Pera In A Bottle, אגס בבקבוק, Päron i en flaska, Крушка у боци, ペアボトルで, Pære In A Bottle, Pera en una botella, Пер-In A Bottle

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