Tool: Service Spoon


A long-handled spoon used to remove garnishes one at a time from jars or bowls. It is a common bar tool. Usually made with stainless steel.


Other names: Bar Spoon
Translations: Pakalpojumu Karote, Paslaugos Spoon, Serviciu de lingură, Servis Spoon, Dịch vụ Spoon, Serwis Spoon, सेवा चम्मच, Serviço de Spoon, Служба Spoon, Υπηρεσία κουταλιού, خدمة ملعقة, 서비스 스푼, Service lžíce, Layanan Sendok, Serbisyo kutsara, 服务勺, Cullera de servei, Service lyžice, Servizio di Spoon, שירות כפית, Сервис Кашика, サービススプーン, Tjenesten Spoon, Cuchara de servicio, Служба Spoon, Palvelun Spoon, Служба Лъжица

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