Tool: Offset Bread Knife


Cut bread and sandwich makings with a classic offset bread knife. Its handle provides leverage so you can cut without hitting your knuckles on the counter.


Translations: Nobīde Maizes nazis, Ofsetinės Duona peilis, Offset Paine cuţit, Offset Nož za kruh, Nóż Offset, Offset broodmes, ऑफसेट रोटी चाकू, Offset faca de pão, Офсетная хлебный нож, Offset Μαχαίρι ψωμιού, تعويض الخبز سكين, 오프셋 빵 칼, Offset Chléb nůž, Pisau Roti Offset, 胶印面包刀, Offset ganivet de pa, Offset Kruh Knife, Offset Chlieb nôž, קיזוז סכין לחם, Offset Brödkniv, Офсет Хлеб Нож, オフセットパンナイフ, Couteau à pain Offset, Offset Brotmesser, Offset brødkniv, Offset brødkniv, Offset cuchillo de pan, Офсетний хлібний ніж, Offset leipäveitsi, Офсетни Хляб нож



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