Tool: Rectangular Grill


A griddle that sets on top of two burners for maximum surface usage. This kitchen tool is help's you make a fantastic but so much quicker breakfast. You can cook several thing's at once. Make's cooking fun when you have to cook several item's that generally don't take long period's of time to cook. Or when your cooking food's for several people, like sandwich's, hamburger's, etc. Try it, in the right moment, it will lighten your load, alot!


Other names: Rectangular Griddle Pan
Translations: Taisnstūra Grill, Stačiakampė Grill, Dreptunghiulara Grill, Pravokutni Grill, Hình chữ nhật Grill, Grill prostokątny, Rechthoekige Grill, आयताकार ग्रिल, Прямоугольный гриль, Ορθογώνια Grill, مستطيلة الشواية, 사각형 그릴, Obdélníkový gril, Empat persegi panjang Grill, Hugis-parihaba grill, 矩形格栅, Graella Rectangular, Pravokotne Grill, Obdĺžnikový gril, Grill rettangolare, מלבן גריל, Rektangulär Grill, Правоугаоне роштиљ, 長方形グリル, Grill rectangulaire, Rechteckige Grill, Rektangulær Grill, Rektangulær Grill, Parrilla Rectangular, Прямокутний гриль, Suorakaide Grill, Правоъгълна грил




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