Tool: Chinese Double Boiler


The Chinese double boiler is a Cantonese pot or 'jar' that helps slow cook soup by doing it inside the jar that sits half-way in boiling water. The double boiler is placed in a larger soup or stock pot. Double-boiling is one of the techniques that Cantonese people use to make their soups. The point is to keep the moisture, nutrients, and flavour of the soup ingredients as much as possible. As well, the jar is usually used to cook more delicate ingredients like swallow's nest and shark fins. It is also used to cook or stew Chinese medicinal soups.

The jar comes with one inner lid and an outer one to ensure that no air gets in and no moisture escapes. The average cooking time when using the Chinese double boiler is at least four hours.


Other names: Double Steamer Jar, Double Steamer



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