Tool: Wooden Cutting Board


A durable board used to place food or any material for cutting or chopping.

Wooden cutting boards are intrinsically hygienic, the natural enzymes that is in the wood still continue to fight the bacteria on the surface of the board.

They are also somewhat self healing. Shallow cuts made on the surface of the wood will close up on their own.

There are three types of wood commonly used for chopping boards:

Hevea - also known as rubber wood. It is durable and perfect for chopping boards.

Beech- is ideal for chopping boards because it is very tough and durable.

Maple- the grain pattern on the maple wood is very tight and makes it a very tough and durable chopping board.

Wooden Cutting Boards should be cleaned with hot water and rubbed with a little salt to remove any odors. Avoid soaking it or placing it in the dishwasher.


Other names: Chopping Board
Translations: Koka zāģēšana padome, Mediniai pjaustymo lenta, Consiliul de taiere din lemn, Drveni Rezanje zajednica, Ban cắt gỗ, Deska do krojenia, Houten snijplank, लकड़ी काटने बोर्ड, Câmara de corte de madeira, Деревянная разделочная доска, Ξύλινα Cutting Board, قطع خشبية المجلس, 나무 커팅 보드, Dřevěná krájecí prkénka, Pemotongan kayu Dewan, Kahoy na pagputol ng Lupon ng, 木菜板, Junta de fusta per tallar, Leseni desko za rezanje, Drevená krájacie dosky, Tagliere in legno, עץ קרש החיתוך, Trä Skärbräda, Дрвени сечење плочица, 木製カッティングボード, Planche de bois de coupe, Holzbrett, Wooden Skærebrættet, Wooden skjærebrett, Junta de madera para cortar, Дерев'яна обробна дошка, Puinen leikkuulauta, Дървени рязане съвет



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