Tool: Mandoline


A mandoline is a great tool for thinly slicing vegetables and fruits. Many devices allow you to adjust the thickness of the cut, or have different blade attachments allowing for various cuts, such as waffle, crinkle, julienne, etc. However, be very careful. Mandolines are very sharp - which makes them great slicers but dangerous as well. Wear silicone fingertips for protection.


Translations: Mandolīna, Mandolina, Mandolina, Đờn măng đô lin, Mandolina, सारंगी की तरह का एक बाजा, Mandolim, Мандолина, Μαντολίνο, 만돌린, Mandolína, Mandolin, Mandolin, 曼德莱恩, Mandolina, Muz, Mandolína, Mandolino, מנדולינה, Мандолина, マンドリン, Mandolina, Мандоліна, Mandoliini, Мандолина



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Mandolines are a great tool, but classic European-style, all-metal models are expensive, ranging from $150 to $400. More appropriate for the occasional user in the home kitchen - and considerably more affordable - is the Japanese Benriner Mandoline, with a plastic body. They cost between $20 and about $100, and are usually dishwasher safe (top rack only, of course). Look for one with replaceable blades and a wide cutting area.
(By the way, most of the pictures above are actually Benriners.)