Tool: Cookie Sheet


A flat, rectangular, metal pan used for baking foods such as cookies. A true cookie sheet has no sides, making it easier to transfer baked goods to a cooling rack. A baking sheet has 1/2-inch high sides and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Extremely versatile, this is one of the most valuable tools in the kitchen.

Often called a "half-sheet" pan, it is about 11x17-inches. A full-sheet pan is used in professional kitchens and is twice the size of a normal baking sheet.


Other names: Sheet Pan, Baking Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray
Translations: Cookie Φύλλο, كعك ورقة, Plaque à biscuits, クッキーシート, Cookie list, קוקי גיליון, Цоокие лист, Bakplaat, 쿠키 시트, कुकी शीट, Hoja de Cookie, Лист печива, Cookie表, Лист печенья, Full de Cookie, Бисквитеното Sheet



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