Tool: Kitchen Scale


As any professional will tell you, you just can't bake well without a kitchen scale. For while artistic in presentation, baking is a science, and you need precision in preparation. So when that "one cup" of flour in your recipe can weigh anywhere from 100-140 grams depending on how you fill the cup, it doesn't take a genius to recognize that's no way to be precise.


Translations: Virtuves Scale, Virtuvė skalė, Bucătărie Scala, Kuhinja Scale, Quy mô nhà bếp, Skala kuchni, Keuken Schaal, रसोई स्केल, Cozinha Escala, Кухонные весы, Κουζίνα Κλίμακα, مطبخ مقياس, 주방 스케일, Kuchyňská váha, Skala dapur, Kusina Scale, 厨房秤, Bàscula de cuina, Kuhinja Scale, Kuchynská váha, Bilancia da cucina, מטבח סולם, Köksvågen, Кухиња скала, キッチンスケール, Balance de cuisine, Küchenwaage, Køkken Scale, Kjøkken Scale, Báscula de cocina, Кухонні ваги, Keittiö Scale, Кухня Скала


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