Tool: Pasta Spoon


Pasta spoons solve all the problems in stirring, lifting and serving noodles. Designed with a forked edge, a drainage hole and sized to serve one portion. The long handle keeps your hands safe.


Translations: Makaronu Karote, Tešlos gaminiai Spoon, Paste lingură, Tjestenina Spoon, पास्ता चम्मच, Макароны Spoon, Ζυμαρικά κουταλιού, المعكرونة ملعقة, 파스타 스푼, Těstoviny lžíce, Pasta Sendok, Pasta kutsara, 面食勺, Pasta Cuchara, Testenine Spoon, Cestoviny lyžice, פסטה כפית, Тестенине Кашика, パスタスプーン, Pâtes Spoon, Pasta Cullera, Макарони Spoon, Спагети Лъжица



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