Tool: Copper Saucepan


Saucepans are vessels with vertical sides about the same height as their diameter, used for boiling or simmering, and generally have one long handle. Because copper is an excellent conductor of heat, the heat is conducted evenly to the copper pan, allowing the preparation of a dish with less energy regardless of stove top type.


Translations: Vara kastrolis, Vario Saucepan, Cupru cratiţă, Bakar lonac za pirjanje, Đồng xoong, Miedzi Rondelek, Koperen Steelpan, कॉपर सॉस पैन, Cobre Caçarola, Медь Ковш, Χαλκός κατσαρόλα, النحاس القدر, 구리 냄비, Měď Rendlík, Panci Tembaga, Copper kasirola, 铜索潘, Cassola de coure, Copper Ponev z dolgim ročajem, Meď Rajnica, Casseruola in rame, סיר נחושת, Koppar Traktörpanna, Бакар лонац за пирјање, 銅ソーセパーン, Casserole en cuivre, Kupfer Stielkasserolle, Kobber Gryde, Kobber kasserolle, Cacerola de cobre, Мідь Ківш, Kupari Kasari, Медна тенджера



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