Tool: Collins Glass


A Collins glass is a cylindrical glass tumbler that typically contains 10 to 14 fluid ounces. It is narrower than a highball glass, and is used to serve mixed drinks, specifically Tom Collins cocktails.


Translations: Collins stikls, Collins Stiklas, Collins de sticlă, Collins stakla, Collins Glas, कोलिन्स ग्लास, Коллинз стекла, كولينز الزجاج, 콜린스 글래스, Collins sklo, Collins salamin, 柯林斯玻璃, Collins vidre, Collins sklo, Collins Vetro, קולינס זכוכית, Collins Glas, Цоллинс стакла, コリンズグラス, Collins verre, Collins Glas, Collins glass, Collins vidrio, Коллінз скла, Collins-lasi, Колинс Стъкло



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