Tool: Halo Teakettle


A halo teakettle is one with an ergonomic handle that hovers above the kettle like an angel's halo, keeping the handle cool and making lifting and pouring easy.


Other names: Halo Tea Kettle
Translations: Halo tējas katliņš, Halo virdulys, Halo samovar, Halo theeketel, हेलो चायदान, Halo chaleira, Halo Тикетл, Halo τσαγιέρο, هالة غلاية الشاي, 헤일로 찻주전자, Halo konvice, Halo Teko, Halo tetera, 晕蒂克特尔, Halo tetera, Halo Samovar, Halo kanvica, Halo teiera, Halo הקומקום, Хало самовар, ヘイローティーケトル, Halo Teekessel, Halo kedlen, Halo tetera, Halo Тікетл, Halo teepannu, Halo чайник за топлене на вода




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