Tool: Salmon Slicer


A salmon slicer is a knife with an ultra-thin blade for the precision cutting of very thin salmon lox, prosciutto or other cured meats. The flexible blade and hollowed kullens allow you to cut evenly with the cutting surface and reduce friction for thin, even slices.


Translations: Salmon Nazis, Lašišos Slicer, Somon Slicer, Losos Šlicer, Łosoś Slicer, Zalm Slicer, Laks Slicer, Лосось Slicer, Σολομός Slicer, سمك السلمون القطاعة, 연어 슬라 이서, Losos Slicer, 鲑鱼切片机, Salmó màquina de tallar, Losos Slicer, Salmone Affettatrice, סלמון מבצעה, Lax Slicer, Лосос слицер, サーモンスライサー, Laks Slicer, सामन slicer, Salmón máquina de cortar, Лосось Slicer, Lohi Slicer, Сьомга Slicer



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