Tool: Deep Fryer


A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance (although also used in commercial kitchens) used to cook food submerged in oil. Food is placed in a basket, then submerged into high-heated oil for cooking. Once fully cooked the basket is raised. A commonly deep fried food are French fries.


Other names: Fryer
Translations: Deep fryer, Frytownica, Deep pui bun de prăjit, Frytkownica, Friteuse, Frityrkokeren, Фритюрница, المقلاة العميقة, 딥 프라이, Fritovací hrnec, 电炸锅, Fregidora, Fritovací hrniec, Friggitrice, עמוק Fryer, Браон дубоке, 天ぷら鍋, Friteuse, Fritteuse, गहरी fryer, Freidora, Фритюрниця, Rasvakeitin, Фритюрник



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