Tool: Slotted Fish Turner


A slotted fish turner allows is used for turning and lifting fish filets. The slots in the spatula let food drain before serving. Used for turning and flipping other food besides fish.


Other names: Fish Spatula
Translations: Sraigtai Žuvis Turner, Crestate de peşte Turner, Prorezom Riba Turner, Płaski Ryby Turner, Vis Slotted Turner, Slotted मछली टर्नर, Щелевые рыбы Тернер, Σχισμένο Ψάρια Turner, مشقوق السمكية تيرنر, 대승 피쉬 터너, Slotted Ryby Turner, Ikan Slotted Turner, Slotted Isda Turner, 开槽鱼特纳, Ranurat de peix Turner, Slotted Ryby Turner, טרנר דג Slotted, Синкронизирана Рибе Тарнер, 溝付き魚ターナー, Fish Slotted Turner, Geschlitzt Fish Turner, Slotted Fisk Turner, Ranurado de pescado Turner, Щілинні риби Тернер, Ura Fish Turner, Slotted Риба Търнър



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