Tool: Boston Shaker


A metal tumbler that is paired with a tall glass to form a seal for shaking cocktails, often with ice. A Boston Shaker is a two-piece cocktail shaker, usually consisting of a pint glass and a tall stainless or metal tumbler.


Other names: Shaker, Cocktail Shaker, Shaker Tin
Translations: ボストンシェーカー, Bostono Shaker, بوسطن شاكر, Boston šejker, בוסטון שאכר, Бостон Шејкер, 보스턴 쉐이커, Boston nagkakalog, बोस्टन शेखर, Boston coctelera, Шейкер Бостон, 波士顿沙克尔, Шейкер Бостон, Boston coctelera, Бостън Shaker

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