Tool: Shears


Shears or Kitchen Shears are extremely strong scissors designed for use inside the kitchen.

They are designed to cut through vegetables, soft bones, and meat. Some even have handles that act as jar opener and bottle opener.


Other names: Kitchen Shears
Translations: Šķēres, Žirklės, Foarfeci, Škare, Nożyce, Scharen, कैंची, Tesouras, Ножницы, Ψαλίδια, المقصات, 가위, Nůžky, Gunting, Malaking gunting, 剪刀, Tisores, Škarje, Nožnice, Cesoie, שירס, Маказе, ハサミ, Cisailles, Scheren, Tijeras, Ножиці, Levyleikkureita, Ножица



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