Tool: Wheat Beer Glass


This unique German wheat beer glass is taller than a traditional pint glass and is much wider (like a bulb) at the top and thin and slender towards the base of the glass. A wheat beer glass hold one half liter of beer, approximately 16 ounces. The size looks deceiving. The shape of the glass provides the proper amount of foam or "head" on top of the beer. At least one inch of foam on top is crucial or else it isn't considered a proper pour.


Other names: Hefeweizen Glass, Weizenbier Glass
Translations: Kviešu alus stikla, Kviečiai stiklinė alaus, Bere de grâu de sticlă, Pšenica Pivo Staklo, Lúa mì Beer Glass, Szkło piwo pszeniczne, Tarwe bierglas, गेहूं बीयर ग्लास, Trigo copo de cerveja, Пшеничного пива Стекло, Σιτάρι Glass Beer, القمح البيرة الزجاج, 밀 맥주 유리, Pšenice pivní sklenice, Wheat Beer Salamin, 小麦啤酒玻璃, Got de cervesa de blat, Pšenica Beer Glass, Pšenica pivné poháre, Birra di frumento di vetro, חיטה כוס הבירה, Vete ölglas, Пшеница Пиво стакла, 小麦のビールグラス, Verre à bière de blé, Weißbierglas, Hvede Øl Glas, Hvete øl Glass, Vaso de cerveza de trigo, Пшеничного пива Скло, Vehnäolut Glass, Пшеница Бира Стъкло

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