Tool: Yard Glass


This article is about the measurement of beer known as the yard.
A very tall glass, a yard long, with a tulip flared top and a bulb at the bottom that holds a yard of beer, or "a yard of ale." This historical type of glass is from England.


Other names: Yard Of Ale, A Yard
Translations: Yard Stikla, Kiemas Stiklas, Curte de sticlă, Dvorište staklo, Szkło stoczni, Yard Glas, यार्ड ग्लास, Стекло Ярд, Yard Γυαλί, ساحة زجاج, 런던 경시청 유리, Yard sklo, Kaca Yard, 场玻璃, Pati de vidre, Yard sklo, Cantiere di vetro, חצר זכוכית, Yard Glas, Двориште стакла, ヤードグラス, Triage de verre, Yard Glas, Patio de vidrio, Скло Ярд, Piha Glass, Дворно място от стъкло

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