Tool: Convection Oven


An oven in which hot air is circulated by a fan. Convection ovens are used to prepare foods requiring dry heat such as baked and roasted foods. The moving air reduces cooking times by as much as 25%% since heat is transferred more efficiently and evenly to the food.


Translations: Konvekcijas Krāsns, Konvekcija Orkaitės, Convection cuptor, Konvekcija Pećnica, Lò nướng đối lưu, Piec konwekcyjno, Convectie Oven, संवहन ओवन, Forno de convecção, Конвекционной печи, Συναγωγή Φούρνος, الحراري فرن, 대류 오븐, Konvektomatu, Конвекција пећница, Kombeksyon hurno, 对流烤箱, Forn de convecció, Konvekcijske pečice, Konvektomate, Forno di convezione, הסעה בתנור, Varmluftsugn, Konveksi Oven, 対流オーブン, Four à convection, Heißluftofen, Konvektion Ovn, Konveksjon Ovn, Horno de convección, Конвекційної печі, Kiertoilmauuni, Конвекторни фурна



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