Tool: Fillet Knife


A knife with a long flexible blade used to prepare and fillet fish. The long blade allows it to move easily along the backbone and under the skin of fish.


Translations: Filejas nazis, File peilis, File de cuţit, File nož, Filet Knife, Fileermes, पट्टिका चाकू, Филе нож, Φιλέτο Μαχαίρι, فيليه سكين, 등심 나이프, Filet nůž, Tanggalan ng buto Knife, 圆角刀, Filet de ganivet, File nož, Filet nôž, Filetto Knife, פילה סכין, Filé kniv, Филе нож, ヒレナイフ, Filet de couteau, Filiermesser, Filet kniv, Filet kniv, Filete de cuchillo, Філе ніж, Fileoi Knife, Филе нож



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