Tool: Rotary Cheese Grater


Clever design provides storage for your cheese inside the grinding chamber. A layer of silicone seals the cheese grater in the closed position, and an additional cap on the barrel compartment ensures a complete seal so your cheese will not dry out.


Translations: Rotācijas Siers Lielāks, Rotaciniai Sūris Trintuvė, Rotary Brânză răzătoare, Rotary sir rende, Rotary Cheese grater, Tarka do sera Rotary, Rotary kaasrasp, रोटरी पनीर grater, Rotary ralador de queijo, Ротари Сыр Терка, Περιστροφική τρίφτης τυριού, دوارة الجبن المبشارة, 회전식 치즈 강판, Rotary Sýry Struhadlo, Ротари сир ренд, Umiinog Cheese kudkuran, 扶轮奶酪刨丝器, Rotary ratllador de formatge, Rotary Sir Rende, Rotary Syry Strúhadlo, Rotary grattugia, רוטרי מגרדת גבינה, Roterande rivjärn, Rotary Keju parut, ロータリーチーズグレーター, Râpe à fromage rotative, Rotary Käsereibe, Rotary Ost Rivejern, Rotary ostehøvel, Rotary rallador de queso, Ротарі Сир Терка, Rotary Juusto Raastin, Ротари сирене ренде



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