Tool: Sač


A large metal lid, somewhat like a shallow bell, in which dough or meat is baked. It is covered, then topped with ashes and hot coals. It is a traditional way of cooking in Turkey, Montenegro, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.


Other names: Peka
Translations: Plats mētelis, Sac, Sac, Kesa, Bộ phận của thú giống hình cái túi, Woreczek, Sac, थैली, Saco, Мешок, Θύλακας, كيس, 낭, Vak, Сач, Bulsa, 萨克, Sac, Vak, Sacco, שלפוחית, Sac, Kantung, 嚢, Sac, Sac, Sac, Saco, Мішок, Pussi, Торбичка



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