Tool: Forged Hard-Anodized Skillet


Forged hard-anodized construction is an excellent conductor of heat and will not warp. The special induction-compatible base made of magnetic stainless steel can be used on all heat sources with excellent results. Skillet distributes heat quickly and efficiently, so you save energy and time.


Translations: Kalti Hard-anodēta kastrolītis, Kaltiniai Hard-anoduotas troškintuvas, Forjate tigaie Hard-anodizat, Kovani Hard-anodizirani Skillet, Giả mạo Skillet Hard-Ống xăng dư, Hard-kowane Skillet Anodowane, Gesmede Hard-geanodiseerd Skillet, हार्ड anodized जाली लंबे दस्ते की कड़ाही, Forjado Skillet anodizado, Кованые Hard-Анодированный Skillet, Σφυρηλάτηση Hard-ανοδιωμένα Skillet, المقلاة مزورة يصعب طلى بأكسيد الألومنيوم, 하드 Anodized 프라이팬을 단조, Kované Hard-elox Skillet, Ковани хард-анодизирани Офф, Imitasyon Hard Anodized-kawali, 锻造硬阳极氧化斯基利特, Paella forjat anoditzat dur, Ponarejena Hard-anodizirani skillet, Kované Hard-elox Skillet, Forgiato anodizzato Skillet Hard-, מזויפים במחבת קשה anodized, Smidda hårdanodiserad Skillet, Ditempa wajan Hard-anodized, ハードアルマイトスキ鍛造, Skillet forgé anodisé dur, Forged harteloxiert Skillet, Smedet anodiseret stegepande, Smidde Hard-anodisert Skillet, Sartén forjado anodizado duro, Ковані Hard-Анодований Skillet, Forged Hard-anodisoitu Skillet, Ковано Hard-анодизиран тиган



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