Tool: Pressure Canner


A pressure canner is a heavy pot specially made for canning with a lid that locks tight. The lid is fitted with a vent (or pet-cock), a dial or weighted pressure gauge, and a safety fuse. Newer models have an extra cover-lock as an added precaution.


Translations: Spiediena Canner, Slėgio Canner, Presiune Canner, Tlak radi na konzerviranju hrane, Áp lực Canner, Ciśnienie Canner, दबाव Canner, Pressão Canner, Давление Каннер, Πίεση συσκευαστής τροφίμων, الضغط المعلب, 기압 깡통아, Tlak Canner, Tekanan Canner, Presyon may-ari ng pagawaan ng kano, 压力坎纳, Pressió Canner &, Pritisk Canner, Tlak Cannery, Pressione Canner, לחץ Canner, Tryck KONSERVERARE, Притисак Цаннер, 圧力キャナー, Pression Canner, Trykk Canner, Presión Canner &, Тиск Каннер, Paine Canner, Налягане човек който консервира храна


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