Tool: Steamer


Steaming is a method of cooking using steam. Overcooking or burning is easily avoided when steaming.

A steamer is a cooking device that allows food to cook by using steam created when water is boiled. The first compartment holds the water, while the second compartment above, will hold the food to be steamed.


Translations: Tvaikonis, Garlaivis, Vapor, Parobrod, Bàn ủi, Parowiec, Stoomboot, स्टीमर, Navio a vapor, Пароход, Ατμόπλοιο, سفينة بخارية, 기선, Parník, Пароброд, Bapor, 汽船, Vapor, Parnik, Parník, Piroscafo, סיר לחץ, Ångbåt, Kapal uap, 蒸し器, Bateau à vapeur, Dampfer, Damper, Vapor, Пароплав, Höyrylaiva, Параход



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