Tool: Mixer


Important and versatile kitchen utensil used for many kinds of food mixing and processing jobs. Most mixers come with at least three attachments and several processing speeds. The most common mixer attachments are the paddle, the wire whip and the dough arm. These attachments together with different speed settings can be used to beat, cream, fold, mix, whip, stir, mash, knead and grind foods.


Translations: Mikseris, Maišytuvas, Mikser, Mikser, Menger, मिक्सर, Batedeira, Смеситель, Μίξερ, خلاط, 믹서, Mixér, Pengaduk, Taong magaling makisama, 混频器, Mesclador, Mixér, Miscelatore, מיקסר, Миксер, ミキサー, Malaxeur, Mezclador, Змішувач, Mikseri, Миксер



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