Tool: Die-Cast Steel Blender


Specially designed large glass container and extra-wide stainless steel blades work together to create a powerful vortex action for exceptionally uniform blends. Ideal for drinks and smoothies, soups and sauces—even chopping nuts.


Translations: Die-Cast Tērauds Blender, Lietiniai plieno blender, Die-Cast thép Blender, Die-Cast Blender Stali, Die-Cast Staal Blender, मरने कास्ट स्टील ब्लेंडर, Blender aço fundido, Die-Cast стали Blender, Die-Cast Blender Steel, يموت الصب الفولاذ خلاط, 다이 캐스트 철강 블렌더, Die-Cast oceli Blender, 模具铸钢搅拌机, De fundición de acero Blender, Die-Cast ocele Blender, Steel Blender Die-Cast, פלדה Die-Cast בלנדר, Дие-ливеног челика мијешалица, ダイカスト鋼ミキサー, Blender en acier moulé, De fosa d'acer Blender, Die-Cast стали Blender, Отлята стомана пасатора



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