Tool: Hand-Held Torch


Device used for applying flame directly to foods. The most common use is to melt and caramelize sugar on top of Creme Brulee.

Compact versions are used by pastry chefs. They have adjustable flames for more control. The torch also comes in handy for melting grated cheese and browning meringues and the tops of tarts.


Other names: Torch
Translations: Rokas kabatas lukturītis, Rankinį žibintą, De mână făclie, Ručni plamenici, Đuốc cầm tay, Ręczna latarka, Hand-Held fakkel, हाथ से आयोजित मशाल, Lanterna de bolso, Ручные факел, Φορητό φακό, باليد الشعلة, 휴대용 토치, Hand-konat pochodeň, Hand-Held Obor, 手持火炬, Torxa de mà, Ročno baterijo, Hand-konať pochodeň, Torcia tenuto in mano, המוחזק ביד לפיד, Handhållna Torch, Ручни бакља, 手持トーチ, Lampe de poche, Hand-Held-Fackel, Håndlygte, Håndholdt Fakkelstafetten, Antorcha de mano, Ручні факел, Taskulamppu, Ръчни Факел




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Manageable flame when you need it.